My name is Jordan Furlough, I have cheered on platinum for 7 years. I'm now graduated, unfortunately. I can't believe the life skills being apart of this team has given me. The coaches and staff have set such a great example for me throughout middle and high school of how to be a great leader, and I think this truly shows throughout the gym. Everyone is so encouraging and being with this amazing group of girls for such a long time has been quite an experience! With all of the injuries, substitutes, replacements, and choreography changes we have sure had our fair share of problems, but I wouldn't trade one second of it for the world. Now I am a new college student, full of confidence and determined to succeed at everything that comes my way. I'm seeking my nursing degree at the University of South Florida, and I am reminded every day to have a goal in mind and stop at nothing to achieve it! I know the things Jessica and Melanie have taught me will carry on into my academic and future career. These moments at the gym have taught everyone that is apart of this gym what it's like to be a true champion- overcoming obstacles and celebrating with a humble heart. Zone Cheer is the place that I made my best high school memories, and I will cherish the lessons and good times I have experienced for a life time!


Zone Cheer All-stars to me, is more than just a place to cheer. It's a place to come and get my energy out, a place to come see some of the best friends I've ever made within a sport, and a place to go, when there is no where else to go. I started cheering for zone cheer when I was a sophomore at Ponte Vedra High School. At the time, I was also a varsity high school cheerleader.My life began to be fully committed to cheer, and Zone cheer helped me stay on the right path, and kept me focused. Seeing how my passion for both teams was very possible, I
continued to cheer for my high school team and for Zone Cheer Allstars throughout the rest of my high school career. The memories I was able to make, and opportunities I was given, are some I am very thankful and blessed to have received. Learning life lessons, while participating in a sport I am very passionate about, is what I love most about Zone Cheer. Currently, I am studying Psychology at Florida State University, but I cannot wait to come cheer on my favorite gym's amazing teams this season! 
           -Leslie Schemer


When I first walked into the doors of Zone Cheer, I knew that it was something special. I had originally been introduced to Zone through my high school cheer team and practiced there three times a week during competition season. Towards the end of the season, I was honored to be asked by Coach Jessica Moltisanti to be apart of Zones Senior 4 Allstar team, Platinum. From the beginning of my journey with Zone, the coaches and other athletes have made me feel nothing less than part of the family. Coach Jessica and Coach Melanie have pushed me to do things that I never imagined were possible for myself.  I have met so many great friends along the way and I have been blessed with the opportunity to be on staff at zone. This will be my second year coaching at zone and I could not be more excited to see what this next season has in store. I plan to continue to study Sports Management and hopefully will receive my Bachelor degree in 2017. Zone has taught me to always “reach for the stars” and I have discovered that this motto applies to my life a lot more than I ever imagined. If I can do my very best and reach for the stars in everything that I do, I believe that I will have no regrets in my life. Zone has positively impacted my life in so many different ways and I honestly don’t know where I would be without my Zone family. It has been an amazing journey and I cant wait to watch young athletes grow to experience this amazing journey just as I did!

-Megan Barker 


Zone Cheer All-Stars has been a big part of my life for the past five and a half years.  When joining the program in 2009 I had no idea how much of an impact this organization would have on me.  It has not only made me a strong athlete but has molded me into the person I am today. With the help of Zone Cheer and most importantly my two amazing coaches (Jessica and Melanie) they taught me so many life lessons, aside from cheer, that words just cannot sum it all up. For that, I am forever thankful for this amazing program and it will ALWAYS be my second family.   Currently in the Nursing Program at University of Southern Florida and will graduate in 2017. - Joy Johnston 

I came to Zone Cheer my Junior year of High School looking for something new. Coming from another program in the area I was very nervous and unsure to what I was getting myself into. I ended up finishing out my All-Star Cheerleading career at Zone and I loved it!! I was able to win NCA Dallas which was one of my number one goals before I graduated! I was also able to stay and do one more year as a super senior! Zone has taught me to never give up on anything! I have learned how to be a better leader and that is it not always about the win it is about the memories you make along the way! I graduated from Nease High School in 2014 and now I am on to my second year of coaching and I love it! Not only am I coaching at Zone but I am coaching the Nease High School JV cheerleading team. I am also attending Flagler College where I am studying Graphic Design and also do Cheerleading. I would like to thank Jessica and the rest of the amazing staff for everything and all the awesome opportunities they have given me, from traveling all the way to Las Vegas and to letting me have a job in something I love!! Thank You! - Samantha Burke

Being apart of Zone Cheer for the past seven years is something that I could not picture my life without. The memories and friendships that I have made over the years I wouldn't trade for anything. Right now, I am entering my senior year at Flagler College where I am studying Graphic Design. I am an assistant coach and tumbling coach at Zone and an assistant coach at Ponte Vedra High School. I have also worked for he Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) for the past four years. After college I plan to pursue my degree either in Memphis working for Varsity, teaching Graphic Design in high school, or finding a company to work for. I plan to always be involved within the Zone community and continue all the life lessons that I have learned.  

-Shelby King 

The summer of 2012 I walked into ZoneCheer for the first time. Immediately the girls welcomed me in with open arms and I felt at home. Never have I been accepted by all so quick. We clicked instantly and I knew from that day on I found my permanent cheer family.

My first season with zone was the start of my 10th year of cheer, so I have had many coaches in my past. I can say with pure confidence that Melanie and Jessica have exceeded and altered my view on what a coach is and supposed to be. They are both phenomenal coaches and role models in life for me and all other athletes. I couldn’t ask for two better coaches than them. They are encouraging, loving, fun, etc. Most importantly they push everyone to be the best they can be individually and as a team.

I am now beginning my sophomore year of college at UNF and studying accounting. I am constantly back in the gym with my cheer family because when I’m there, I’m home. I remain involved and under the wing Jessica because I know she will lead me down a path of success in every aspect of life.

- Nina Duboi 


Unlike most of the alumni I haven't spent countless years at Zone, just one. Even though I only was able to be a part of Zone for one year (sadly), Jessica and Melanie made it unforgettable. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to balance school, school cheer, and all-star cheer but the gym was so supportive and everyone was willing to help when help was needed. I've never been a part of a program that was so welcoming to everyone and whose coaches truly cared about their athletes like family. I've learned so much from Jessica and Melanie this last year but to me the most important was no matter how many curve balls are thrown your way you have to find a way to keep going. Being a part of Platinum was absolutely incredible( no matter how rough it got) and getting to experience so many things with that group of girls made everything worthwhile. I am now studying nursing at the University of Florida but I can't wait to come watch all the teams compete and continue to see Zone strive as a program!

- Jennifer Kanaskie

Zone Cheer did everything for me. When I came into this program Ihad very basic tumbling skills. When I left a little over a year later I was landing my standing tuck, two to tucks, toe touch back-hand-spring tucks and working running layouts. Not only did the fantastic coaching staff of Zone Cheer improve my tumbling skills they also built my stunting technique from the ground up. I competed on their Small Senior lever 4 team in the 2012-2013 season and it was an incredible experience. A year later I decided to tryout for UCA Staff and I made it! All thanks to Jessica and Melanie for turning me into an amazing athlete. With out Zone Cheer I wouldn’t have the best job ever, which continues to give me so many awesome opportunities. All of Jessica and Melanie's constructive criticism and words of encouragement have helped me become the person I am today, they really inspire me to never stop reaching for the stars! Working for UCA has made me realize that Zone Cheer truly is the best gym in north florida and I wouldn’t trade my year there for anything in the world!


Madison Boyd

UCA Staff 

   Joining Zone Cheer Allstars was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Cheerleading has always been a huge part of my life and Zone is a place that stands high above the rest when I think of my cheerleading career.     Zone is a place I wish I found sooner, and wish I was able to stay longer. When you’re having fun and making life long memories, it flies by in the blink of an eye. I cheered here my junior year, through my super senior year. Instantly when I walked in, I knew I had found my cheer home. Everybody was so welcoming from the athletes to the coaching staff, it was something I had never experienced before. The loving family environment throughout the entire gym is truly showcased, and it all starts from two of my biggest role models, Coach Jessica, and Coach Melanie. These two ladies have so much love for the sport and these athletes, and they truly show each and every individual that comes through that door that they have a purpose and there is no goal they cannot reach. They have not only taught me everything to know about the sport, but so many life lessons that I will use for the rest of my life. They carry themselves with such class, and teach everyone to be kind to one another. They don’t only care about the skills we have inside the gym, but the people we are outside of those doors as well.       

Today, I attend Daytona State College working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I also have a full time job holding a management position. I enjoy cheering on Zone and watching all their success on social media. Watching this program grow and flourish, and becoming one of the top gyms in the area and the country makes me a proud alumni. Coach Jessica’s vision comes to life even more year after year, and she has truly created a wonderful facility for children and their families to be apart of.

Kaycie McCarthy

Zone Cheer All-Stars