School Training 2020/2021

We are extremely excited to work with these amazing athletes and their coaches.  We are looking forward to another successful year of training and competing.

Ponte Vedra Cheerleading



2015 Cheer, Varsity

2015 Cheer, Junior Varsity



Zone Cheer is more than a gym, it is a sense of community. While coaching for PVHS, I felt as though Zone became a huge part of our cheer family. They are there every step of the way celebrating successes and helping the girls grow as athletes and students of great character (even after they graduated high school). Each coachat Zone takes such care of making sure every athlete works to their full potential and helps them to grow at every opportunity. In a short period of time, the girls learned high skilled stunts and worked on tumbling. They did so safely and effectively. Learning the skill sets over the course of one year, PVHS went to the FHSAA State Competition and were runners up in their division. This is with sincere thanks to Zone and their continued dedication to the girls. They always believed in them and knew what they were capable of. Thank you Zone for making my coaching career with PVHS an incredible one. Love, PVHS Sharks

Zone Cheer All-Stars